VHRS successfully held an Leadership and HR conference with the lecture by Prof. Dave Ulrich in Vietnam

  • Aug 24, 2018

On April 17th, 2018, VHRS Joint Stock Company successfully held an HR conference entitled "The 8 HR disruptions for highly effective businesses", with the lecture by Prof. Dave Ulrich – the world’s #1 Management & HR Guru.

The conference has attracted about 500 participants, including Chairmen, CEOs, top leaders, senior executives & middle managers and HR professionals from big cities across the country. According to VHRS summary:

- Up to 53% of the participants were senior management levels (directors and deputy directors or those of higher positions), 47% were middle-level managers (department heads or vice heads).

- 30% of the participants were corporate top leaders, 70% were HR directors/managers and professionals.

- Up to 45% of the participants came from the real estate industry, followed by the banking industry with 21%, technology 15%, and 12% from other industries such as manufacturing, retails, etc.

The workshop was supported by sponsors including Hanoi Beer Alcohol & Beverage Joint Stock Corporation (Habeco) and Columbus Investment Consulting firm. It also attracted a lot of local media that attended and reported about the event including major news agencies such as VTV, HTV, The Leaders, Hanoimoi and Tien Phong newspapers.

At the workshop, Prof. Dave Ulrich emphasized the importance of HR in the 4.0 industrial revolution era. He also spoke about the 8 useful disruptions for businesses and organizations, especially the new HR Management Model: “HR outside in" – the HR Management aims to satisfy clients, investors and community. As a reference, Prof. Dave Ulrich told the story of Walmart, the leading US retailer. Walmart spent part of its profits to train and encourage employees to interact with customers, thereby indirectly increasing sales for the group. After almost two years implementing the strategy of investing in HR, Walmart's revenue grew by 20%. It is interesting that instead of spending US$1 billion as the HR Manager’s suggestion, Walmart approved the budget of up to $2.2 billion for this task.


Regarding leadership in HR Management, Prof. Dave Ulrich confirmed: Corporate leaders are those who shape the system and also the instructors who help their staff to mature and create a better operating system for individuals. In order to connect people in the organization, the HR manager must be able to analyze HR information, reach out to the best employees to find ways to keep them working for the firm, to create a working environment for teamwork to promote added value for the business.

To increase the capacity as well as competitiveness in the new era, corporates need to attach importance to the development of the HR management team. According to Prof. Dave Ulrich, an excellent HR professional is someone who is capable of positioning a business to win in a fiercely competitive talent market. They need to take the initiative in building relationships, understanding the production and business practices, and offering the best methods for managing and dealing with inherent stresses.

The workshop “The 8 HR disruptions for highly effective businesses" with the participation of Prof. Dave Ulrich gave the answers for a big question: How does HR create added value?

  1. Value added focus of HR: Towards outside-in
  2. Talent outcome disruption: Towards well being
  3. Organization outcome disruptions: Towards capability
  4. Leader outcome disruptions: Towards leadership, navigating paradox, and brand
  5. HR Technology disruptions: Towards connections

  6. HR analytics: Towards business Impact

  7. HR competencies disruptions: Towards competencies that deliver outcomes

  8. HR department: Towards the right HR department with relationships


The content of the conference, which was conveyed in a witty and humorous way by the world well-known speaker – Prof. Dave Ulrich - received a warm response from all participants as well as praises from organizations, businesses and occupational networks.


The General Director of Sun Group - Mr. Dang Minh Truong - said: "I really appreciate the conference “The 8 HR disruptions for highly effective businesses”. Prof. Dave Ulrich gave us new and extremely effective knowledge so that we can immediately apply it to our operations.”

On this occasion, Prof. Dave Ulrich introduced the book "The Rise of HR", which was edited by himself and published by HRCI. The Vietnamese version will be published by VHRS this July. Hundreds of the workshop participants have registered for the book and for receiving the electronic version (pdf) in English.

Successfully inviting Prof. Dave Ulrich to Vietnam this time is considered a great success of VHRS, which affirms the prestige and trademark on high quality training services provided by the company.