About the program

Business Development Training Program is an in-house training service that VHRS is dedicated to, with the desire to go together with businesses in enhancing the quality of enterprise’s workforce in the context of continuous changes of the economy as well as the increasing requirements of the Vietnam labor market.

With a team of experienced experts, VHRS designs skill training curricula that are most suited to the characteristics of each firm, each functional division and each specialized position.

Specially, VHRS introduces Middle Manager Development Program and C-Class Training Program with an aim to provide learners with necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to develop their managerial and leadership capabilities in professional working environments, help their businesses becoming more efficient and profitable.

In addition, VHRS organizes annual international conferences/seminars with the world’s leading speakers. Through these seminars, VHRS aims to connect the community of HR professionals and business leaders in Vietnam with prestigious world-class experts in the field of HR and Management. The seminars organized by VHRS are based on applied research and HR practices, aiming to professionalize the HR Management in Vietnam.

The seminar topics cover the main areas of Leadership, Human Resource Management and Educational Management presented by the world's leading speakers that will bring in true values for attendees in terms of thinking, awareness and knowledge update.