Middle Manager Development Program


Providing learners with necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to develop their managerial and leadership capabilities in professional working environments.

Target learners

  • Head of departments, managers, team leaders
  • Team leaders who has the potential to become middle manager in the future

Training Outline 

Training outline will be tailored to specific businesses by picking up training modules from the below table:


Foundation Courses

Advanced Courses

1 Image of a middle management

1.1 Image of a middle management

1.2 Leadership Development Program - Breakthrough Leadership

2 Outstanding self - leadership

2.1 Improving own learning and performance

2.2 Personal and career development skills


3.1 Self leadership & Personal branding



4 Initiative and enterprise skills


5 Planning and organising skills


6.1 Interpersonal skills

6.2 Listening skills


6.3 Presentation skills


7.1 Analytical Thinking & Problem Solving Skills

7.2 Complex problem solving


8.1 Strategy Thinking

8.2 Change Management Skills


8.3 Critical thinking


9.1 Service Orientation

9.2 Powerful Business Acumen Skill 

3 Team Management

10.1 Teamwork Skills

10.2 Meeting Management Skills


10.3 Exceptional Negotiation Skill


10.4 Performance Management and BSC, KPIs


11.1 Project Management

11.2 Effective planning & coordinating


11.3 Effective time management


12.1 Leading and Developing People

12.2 Motivating Skills


12.3 Coaching & Mentoring Skills


12.4 Effective Delegation Skills


12.5 Train the trainer

4 Corporate Environmental Management

13.1 Build organizational culture

13.2 Build learning organization


13.3 Building a creative innovation environment


13.4 Modern Office Management