VHRS Joint Stock Company standing for Vietnam Human Resource Solutions is a provider of professional solutions on HR development, including recruitment, training and consulting on HR.

With a team of highly-qualified founders, who are dedicated to developing HR expertise, with experience accumulated through a long time working at senior positions in large companies, VHRS is eager to contribute its efforts in professionalizing HR management in Vietnam.


VHRS expects to become the leading HR service provider in Vietnam in the next decade and a reliable partner of organizations and enterprises in the strategy of HR development.


According to the World Bank, the quality of HR in Vietnam only reaches 3.79/10 scale. Many experts also said that the quality of HR in Vietnam is low and there is a big gap with other countries in the region. Why Vietnam’s manpower has excesses in quantity and is poor in quality is the concern of the founder of VHRS.

Therefore, VHRS sees strengthening the position of human resource profession as our lifelong mission, thereby contributing to the enhancement of the workforce quality in Vietnamese enterprises.

Giá trị cốt lõi VHRS


Ms. Luong Thi Hai Yen

Ms. Luong Thi Hai Yen


Ms. Luong Thi Hai Yen is the CEO of VHRS - manage the plan and deployment of all business functions of the company. She has more than 14 years of working experience in professional HR management in multinational and foreign-owned companies in Vietnam, in which 10 years at managerial positions.
In the last 6 years, Ms. Yen has been undertaken the position of HR & GA Manager at a subsidiary of a multinational group - Panasonic. At this company, she successfully developed Panasonic Appliances VN’s workforce from a plant with 400 employees into a company with 1,300 employees. Particularly, she was involved in setting up process of a new factory and a Regional R&D Center with more than 100 high-quality engineers.
With extensive experience in HR Management, Ms Yen will offer the most effective solutions for HR management under modern models for clients.